State House Update from
Representative Heather Ammons Crawford

Dear Friends,

My first month serving as District 68’s representative has been a great experience, and I’ve enjoyed learning about many of the procedural elements that govern the House. Many important issues have come before the body, accompanied by rigorous debate both in committee and on the floor, and I’m confident that with the work we’ve accomplished thus far that we’re on track to get some meaningful legislation passed this year.

There are many different bills currently working their way through the House and below are some of the issues we’ve been working on. As the Freshman Caucus Chair for the South Carolina House of Representatives I’m in a unique position to collectively discuss and address with other freshman members important issues affecting our state and community.

If there are any particular issues or concerns that you would like to bring to my attention please feel free to visit my website at and click on the contact tab to send me a message. You can also contact me during session by phone at (803) 212-6933. My in-session mailing address is 522-A Blatt Building Columbia, SC 29211, if you would like to mail your message. It’s a pleasure serving you in the State House and thank you again for bestowing me with this honor.



Fixing the Candidate/Ballot Confusion:

The SC Senate unanimously passed and sent to the House a bill aimed at preventing another election debacle. Last year’s incident needlessly caused the removal of 250 candidates from the ballot. Among other actions, the legislation eliminates the political “death penalty” for improperly filing paperwork. Other election reform bills are making their way through House committees.

Grandparent’s Rights:

Grandparents have very limited rights in SC when it comes to family court. We hope to rectify that with the Grandparent’s Rights bill filed in the House. The bi-partisan bill already has 27 sponsors, including myself. If a child is legally removed from a home, this legislation (H.3464) calls for the courts to first consider placing the child with grandparents if the judge concludes they are fit and willing to serve as a child’s caregiver.

Improving the Legislature:

We can do our work more efficiently! A House Judiciary Subcommittee approved legislation to shorten the legislative session. Several members of the House have been pushing this issue since 1994 but every time the bill has died in the State Senate. This year’s bill cuts the first month and last month off of one of the longest legislative sessions in the country. The weeks we cut in January would still be open for legislative committees to debate and move legislation so the full House can hit the floor running when it convenes in February. If approved this will be the 10th time the House has approved legislation shortening the legislative session.

As always, if I can ever be of assistance please feel free to contact me.
In-session Contact info:
(803) 212-6933
522-A Blatt Building Columbia, SC 29211
[email protected]